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Work Environment

Varun Plastics Factory

Work Environment

We have a very safe work environment at all our units with ample ventilation. This is a result of our top priority to keep the shop floor and the surroundings, always neat and clean. We provide free mid-day meals to all our staff. The Management has provided Educational assistance and scholarships to employee’s children. The management had arranged 2 doses of Covid 19 vaccination to all the employees and staff, free of cost. Educational aid is provided to children of all employees every year.

Environment & Sustainability

Our products are environmentally friendly, extremely durable and cost efficient making it the product of choice for all water transportation requirements.

Even in terms of Production ours is a green category industry which has zero effluent discharge, thereby contributing to a cleaner environment.

Leaders in supplying quality products in the field of Micro & Mini Irrigation, Sprinkler systems, Urban and Rural Water supply systems and Sewerage lines.