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Varun Piping - Seeds of Inspiration

The source of a river is usually in the higher reaches of the mountains and so also the genesis of Varun Piping can be traced back to our founder Shri. M Somashekhar Bhat way back in 1966, when he was the first to establish a small scale unit, Plastubex Corporation, for manufacturing Low Density Polyethlene pipes and Polyethylene Lay Flat tubing. Remarkably, it was the first plastic unit in the undivided Dakshina Kannada District of Karnataka.corrosion resistance.

As river gains strength in its journey towards the sea, so also this pioneering effort grew in strength with younger generations adding their youthful vigour and engineering skills to bring it to the present enviable position.

With 5 decades of experience in manufacturing pipes, being the first in the field we have well-established credentials firmly based on the solid foundation of uncompromising business ethics and quality.

We are the leaders in supplying quality products in the field of Micro & Mini Irrigation, Urban & Rural Water Supply systems & Sewerage Lines.

From time immemorial, water has been the natural God given resource that shaped civilisations. Mankind settled close to water sources and gradually learnt to channel it for his needs. Varun pipes are a part of this ageless endeavour to deliver water for human consumption, agricultural needs or industrial purposes. This is done with minimum loss in the process of delivery of this essential commodity, the demand for which is forever increasing and wastage of which can hardly be tolerated.

Enter Varun Piping Systems. Our founders with amazing clarity and foresight saw the need and the potential in setting up a plastic pipe industry and did so way back in 1966. Two entrepreneurs with a clear vision and impeccable business ethics were joined by four technically qualified second generation entrepreneurs, to forge an imposing organisation. The company thus enjoys the unique benefit of entrepreneurial experience and success of one generation combined with technically qualified promoters of the second generation who are continually engaged in hands on operations, maintenance, and training, all in one location. We have three different manufacturing units all within the same geographical location permitting ease of monitoring and management. Our products are Rigid PVC Pipes, HDPE Pipes, MDPE Pipes & fittings, which are widely used in Water Supply, Irrigation and sewerage applications.

To this is added the additional advantage of a sincere, dedicated workforce with a high retention rate. This along with on-going training ensures quality standards.

Leaders in supplying quality products in the field of Micro & Mini Irrigation, Sprinkler systems, Urban and Rural Water supply systems and Sewerage lines.