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Varun Piping Products

Varun Products

Adherence to strict quality controls in standardized production methods backed up with customer friendly solutions over four decades has firmly established a strong goodwill network of users and suppliers enabling Varun Piping Systems to become a quality choice in whole of South India.

Varun Rigid PVC Pipes

Varun Rigid PVC Pipes

Non Corrosive, Light in Weight, Quick to install,
Smooth Surface and low friction loss.

Varun HDPE Pipes

Varunflo HDPE Pipes

Long life of 50 years, Strong, Flexible, Non Corrosive,
Leak free joints for high pressure applications.

Varun Flexible Hose-Pipes

Flexible PVC Suction Hose Pipes

Flexible, Light weight, Easy to carry, Durable
Suction & Delivery in Agricultural use

Varunflo MDPE Pipes

Varunflo MDPE Pipes

Flexible and excellent hydraulic strength,
perfect for House Service Connections in Water Supply.

Varun HDPE Fittings

HDPE Fittings

Water Distribution & House Service Connection
High Density Polyethylene Pipe - HDPE

Varun Rigid PVC Fittings

Rigid PVC Fittings

providing innovative and cost effective piping solution with quality, innovation and service.

Leaders in supplying quality products in the field of Micro & Mini Irrigation, Sprinkler systems, Urban and Rural Water supply systems and Sewerage lines.