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Varun Rigid PVC Pipes
Varun Samit
Varun Samit
Varun Samit

Varun-Samit - PE Pipes for Gas Distribution Networks

Varun-Samit Product Specifications

Size Range: 20mm – 180mm
Standard Dimension Ratio: SDR 11, SDR 17.6
Grade: PE100 & PE80
Color: Orange for PE100, Yellow for PE80
All dimensions as per: IS 14885:2001

Unique Features of VARUN - SAMIT PE Pipes

● Manufactured with virgin, one of the world best Pre-compounded Raw material as per international Standards having excellent long term hydraulic strength

● Smooth inner and outer surface giving low frictional resistance.

● Dimensions of the pipe is under strict tolerances as per BIS Standards.

● Ease in jointing by any jointing techniques – Butt Fusion, Electro fusion.

● Ideal choice for open trench laying and Trench less HDD applications.

● Consistent in Quality and Value for money.

Leaders in supplying quality products in the field of Micro & Mini Irrigation, Sprinkler systems, Urban and Rural Water supply systems and Sewerage lines.